AGJA urges the African Union to remain engaged with the ICC

The Africa Group for Justice and Accountability (AGJA) has urged the African Union to remain engaged with the ICC. 

A member of the Group, Navi Pillay, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, made  these comments in her opening remarks on behalf of AGJA at the opening of a conference at  the University of Cape Town on “African Justice mechanisms and their interplay with the  International Criminal Court” organised by the Wayamo Foundation, the University and AGJA. 

Pillay, who spoke on behalf of the Africa Group for Justice and Accountability which was  established to support efforts to strengthen justice and accountability measures in Africa,  made her remarks at the three-day symposium, which is being attended by a number of  experts on international criminal justice, human rights activists, academics and practitioners  from the field of international law from around the world. 

She noted that “AGJA encourages justice and accountability on the African continent and  globally” and confirmed their willingness to “continue to foster an open and frank debate on  the relationship between the ICC and Africa, and champion a transparent and productive  dialogue between relevant stakeholders and the ICC.” 

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