AGJA notes concern and urges engagement on Burundi’s decision to withdraw from the ICC

Africa Group for Justice and Accountability is deeply concerned by and calls for further engagement on Burundi’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.  

The Africa Group for Justice and Accountability (AGJA) expresses its profound  disappointment and concern at the government of Burundi’s decision to withdraw from the  International Criminal Court (ICC). 

The Africa Group views the move as an potential obstacle to achieving accountability for  crimes committed in Burundi. This decision deprives the victims of human rights violations in  the country a recourse to justice. 

The Africa Group strongly urges President Pierre Nkurunziza to use his good offices, and along  with his government, reconfirm Burundi’s commitment to the human rights of the people of  Burundi and to the Rome Statute. 

We call upon the government to reconsider its decision to withdraw from the ICC. The Group  would also encourage other member-states of the ICC to work with the Burundi government  to retain its membership in this very important mechanism for fighting impunity, and  defending justice and human rights. 

The people of Africa and the African Union embrace the principle of accountability for  international crimes as exemplified by the recent trial, conviction and punishment in Senegal  of Hissène Habré for crimes committed in Chad. The AGJA therefore urges the government  of Burundi to continue to support this noble ideal. 

In line with its Kilimanjaro Principles, the Africa Group offers its expertise in facilitation and  mediation to Burundi, the ICC, and other relevant actors to ensure that justice for the victims  of crimes in Burundi is not sacrificed.

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